Shared Office Membership

$150.00 / month with a 3-day free trial

This tier is great for those ready to move out of the open community space and into a closed office setting. You’ll share the use of open offices on a first come, first serve basis. Show up early and hold the use of the office for as long as you’re in for the day. A great option for utilizing AXOM for private meeting space.

Memberships are billed automatically each month from the day that you signed up. Downgrade and upgrade your membership at any time from your account (prorated).

24-Hour Access

This add-on allows for 24-hour access to the ‘Wilson Plaza, West’ space. You must pass an initial background check facilitated by our community liaison.


Open offices may be reserved for up to 3 hours a day with this optional add-on.


We recommend securing parking if you plan on working heavily during the 9-5 work day at our Wilson Plaza, West location.

Team Members

If you have a team, pay per each additional member.

Product Description

Everything from previous membership tiers plus:

  • Access to ‘individual’ open office (first come, first serve).
  • Bring a friend at no additional cost.

Though our memberships are designed for exclusive access to our space by our members, we understand that meetings are a huge benefit of utilizing an office space. We encourage you to bring a friend, client, or business partner during your time at AXOM. Let our community liaison know that you’re expecting someone and they will direct the individual to you once they have arrived.

Inform our community liaison about your need to reserve an office each day and we will save the space for you for a maximum of 3 hours each day. Reservations are processed manually at this current time.

Who works the typical 9-5 these days anymore? With 24-hour access to our space in ‘Wilson Plaza, West’ you will be able to work within the flexibility of your own time while gaining access to all of our amenities. The community liaison is not available after 5 pm or on weekends. Wilson Plaza is secured after hours by a security guard at the west tower contract lot entrance.

***Must pass a background check and understand that our space is monitored in the cloud 24/7 with facial recognition security cameras.